Материал из Скретч Вики

Many thanks! Hope I will be useful in this wiki as oldest scratcher from Russia https://scratch.mit.edu/users/patarakin/ (10 years, 10 monthes) with long wiki experience. I'm admin in http://letopisi.org --Evgeny patarakin (обсуждение) 17:35, 13 января 2018 (CET)

We (the international scratch wiki community) are really happy, that you joined the russian scratch wiki to bring it back to life. After we know you a little bit better, I could imagine to grand you admin rights here, if you sre interested. So you could care for applications of new authors and help to build up a community of russian scratch wiki authors. Also we would be happy if the russian scratch wiki would take part in the next en:Scratch Wiki:Wiki Wednesday...could you build a corsponding article and ru forum entry like https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/288005/?page=1#post-2949970 to choose the next wiki wednesday article? Also it would be great, if you could join https://test.scratch-wiki.info because we use it as the plattform for international scratch wiki communication. Im looking forward to your feedback! Mtwoll (обсуждение) 08:28, 17 января 2018 (CET)
Thanks, i really interesting to have admin access. It give me possibility to add a lot of pages about scratch in russia from http://letopisi.org/index.php/Scratch
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